A Gothic collection of stories featuring carnivorous beavers, art-eaters, and family intrigue, for fans of Alice Munro and Shirley Jackson.

The small southern Ontario town known as The Pump lies at the crossroads of this world’s violence—a tainted water supply, an apathetic municipal government, the Gothic decay of rural domesticity—and another’s.

In Brooman’s interconnected stories, no one is immune to The Pump’s sacrificial games. Lighthouse dwellers, Boy Scouts, queer church camp leaders, love-sick and sick-sick writers, nine-year-old hunters, art-eaters—each must navigate the swamp of their own morality while living on land that is always slowly (and sometimes very quickly) killing them.


"If only I blurbed delightfully weird books like this for the rest of my life, I'd be happy."

Jess Taylor, author of

Pauls and Just Pervs

"Brooman has woven an inescapable, ferocious dream of a book. Good luck getting out."

John Elizabeth Stintzi, author of Vanishing Monuments and Junebat

"This is horror in broad daylight. These are the living ghosts that haunt so many of us who grew up here."

Jiaqing Wilson-Yang, Lambda Award-winning author of Small Beauty

"The Pump is an astonishing debut collection from a writer who is just warming up."

Tom Cull, author of

Bad Animals